"I have known Mark Axelrod and used his services since 1988, when he first went into business. He has consistently placed highly-talented, excellent individuals at companies for which I have worked. Whenever I have a need for a professional hire, Mark is the first person I call.

Using the approach that Mark and I prefer, I carefully describe to him the type of individual and credentials I am looking for in a candidate. The process then takes minimal effort on my part as Mark persistently and quickly pursues potential candidates. Before he presents any to me, he thoroughly screens them to assure a proper fit for the open position. All of the up front effort Mark puts into his job searches results in successfully and quickly filling my search requests with top-notch candidates while minimizing the time I personally need to devote to the search.

Mark has also demonstrated a superior ability to place individuals with me who are out of his normal bailiwick, i.e., non-technical people. His most recent placement with me, for instance, is that of a director-level executive with a marketing and business development background. I would highly recommend Mark Axelrod, professionally and personally."

Dennis W. Harrison
Sr. Vice President
(Note: GS1US was formerly known as the Uniform Code Council, global leaders in supply chain standardization…the “bar code” people. Prior to GS1US, Mr. Harrison was a Vice President of Engineering and Quality at Honeywell Corporation and at Black & Decker Corporation)

"Both of us have been in the business of hiring people for most of our adult lives and have worked with a variety of hiring processes and recruiters. Hiring people, particularly professionals, can be challenging, time consuming and sometimes not very rewarding if the candidates are not what you were hoping for or, Heaven forbid, you hire the wrong person for the job.

Recruiters obviously can be critical partners in finding and hiring the right person for a job. We have discovered that Mark Axelrod is unique in the world of recruiters. He doesn't just ask for a job description and then start sending resumes hoping some will catch our eyes. He does detailed research up front so that he fully understands the job requirements and what we are seeking in the ideal candidate. Then he thoroughly screens the candidates before presenting anyone to us. All this work up front pays off with top notch candidates. We have recently filled two key manager openings with Mark's help and are very happy with the result.

Not only does he quickly supply good candidates, Mark also is a pleasure to work with. He takes personal interest in the company and in us as hiring managers. All this adds up to a superior hiring experience. We highly recommend Mark Axelrod personally and professionally!"

Duane Wiedor
Plant Manager
Debby Castrale
HR Director

Pittsburgh Glass Works – Evansville Indiana Plant
(Note: I have worked with Debby Castrale since 2012 when Duane Wiedor joined Pittsburgh Glass Works as the manager of that company's flagship plant. Duane and I have partnered for nearly twenty-five years at the several companies at which he has been employed. We first crossed paths when Duane was a young, upward bound engineer and I was a rookie recruiter - MHA)

"I have been in the work force for twenty-five years, and, during that time, it is sad but true to say that I have had to seek employment several times due to a bad economy, plant shut downs, and in order to better myself along the way. When I have had to seek new positions, I used various job placement companies to aid me in the effort. I must say that these experiences, for the most part, have been unpleasant, because the recruiter seemed to be concerned only with his own commissions, focusing on his needs, not mine. The typical recruiter effectively said to me. . . 'here you go, this is all that's out there, take it because you can't be too choosy.'

This all changed when I worked with Mark Axelrod and his company, Benchmark Recruiting Services. I was treated with respect and given a complete rundown of what was available in line with my expectations and requirements. This was done with a personal touch that created a relaxed atmosphere in which we both worked as a team toward a common goal. Mark prepared me wonderfully for my interviews with his client, my current employer, and negotiated an excellent compensation package for me. Many of my colleagues were also placed at my current employer by Mark.

I am currently happily employed by a company which is everything that Mark said it was. I would absolutely use Mark's services again, although I hope I never have the need, and would unconditionally recommend him to anyone. Thank you again, Mark."

Jim Stewart
Customer Services Manager
Blackhawk Foundry & Machine Company